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  • This six-week session will explore a range of stress management and anxiety tools to get free from your past, align with your future, and live in the now. Topics include general stress management, stress in the workforce, emotions, beliefs, communication, and more! Sessions will be recorded so that you can review again later.

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Stress and Success

Millions of people struggle with stress and anxiety. It is exhausting and takes its toll on our jobs, relationships, and children, robbing us of the fulfilling life we are meant to have.

After trying everything you can think of, it is easy to give up. It's easy to think it will never change since you keep getting your hopes dashed. Besides, you don't have time to learn new tools and one more thing "to do" on your never-ending task list. What we do know is that if we don't change, we face many more years of this stress.

Remember that it's not your fault. We were never taught this in school.

We were never taught how to create strength, and how much energy we can reclaim by releasing all those problems. Perhaps worse, we were never taught that it could be easy...instead of hard.

Despite our best efforts, and working harder every day, it is like there is a critical element missing.

Imagine your stress free life.

Without all that stress, what could you do with all that extra time, energy, and happiness?

Image having a few minutes of oasis from your stress on a daily basis. It's easy but creates a ripple effect across the day. As I enjoy the relief from my stress, I reclaim that strength and energy.

This relief is priceless. It can help to:

* Recharge the batteries

* Remember how to laugh

* Have time to gain insight on effective solutions

* Catch a breath so you can return to the day at full strength.

* Decrease the effects of pain and aging on the body

* Be more present in my relationships

* Be more productive at work.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an "easy button"?

That is why I created this program. When we are stressed, we don't have time to do a lot of research and study. I did it all for you.

This program can help to:

* Clarify simple steps for change

* Offer the tools for lasting transformation

* Offer quick start tools to be successful right away

* Have a guide through the path step by step

* Press-and-play guided meditations and tools with progressive elements to build on your quick successes

* Free access to additional tools as the program grows

* For a limited time, includes a free consultation with Dr. Ken

Did you know stress is one of the most common causes of health problems, around the world?

This is also why I started, 25 years ago...

Before I was a doctor and internationally known, I was a student. I was working two jobs to pay my way through graduate school. It was incredibly stressful and felt impossible to keep up. It strained my relationships, I was too tired to study. There were times that I wanted to give up, but then I found meditation and stress management tools. It saved me, and is probably the only way I could have made it through graduate school.

Through the years I studied different styles of meditation, reviewed research regularly, and taught thousands of people how to change their lives. It was more work than the average person can do.

So I created these stress management tools. They have been laid out step-by step to make it as easy as possible. They are built with easy training wheels to start quickly, while you learn to trust yourself to build on that inner strength.

I did it. You can too, but for you, it is easier, because you have the guidance of someone who has practiced these skills for years.

Today is Different...

Today, I am still known as the guy who gets things done... but with one important difference.

It is rumored that I don't ever sleep, since I get so much accomplished. I assure you I do sleep. However, my regular use of these tools help me to work with ease, rather than stress, so I can be more productive and efficient, without the drag of conflict and anxiety. 

The positive reviews go on and on.

Find out why Dr. Martz has four international bestsellers.

These tools are intended to give you the tools you need to change your life. You can be the next person to discover all that this new life of freedom and clarity has to offer.

See what they are saying about this international bestseller

  • ★★★★★

    It's empowering and can help a lot of people. Mastering your emotions, especially in stressful times, is critical to growth. Dr. Martz offers sound advice, and his passion for the subject matter clearly comes across.

    Huge Orange Editor's Pick Award

  • ★★★★★

    The book explains the concept of emotion. It explores a range of emotions and describes the importance of change and motivation. The book reflects well the head and heart of a competent, compassionate author. Manage your emotions and learn to live well! .

    Dr. Sandra Rasmussen, Author of Recovery Works! The Development of Competencies for Recovery by People with Addiction

  • ★★★★★

    Manage My Emotions is an educational and very positive self-help book. I am amazed at the way the author explains emotions in such an uncomplicated yet easy to digest fashion. Dr. Kenneth Martz presents a clear, concise, and impressive theory that is useful for readers.

    Rabina Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

  • ★★★★★

    This book provides the perfect layout for learning to meditate. It breaks the process up into days and gives an easy exercise each day to build up to meditating. I especially appreciate the link to free music and supplemental information which aids in this meditation journey. Definitely recommend!


  • Number 1 Rated on Amazon

    #1 in Self Help

    #1 in Emotions & Mental Health

    #1 in Women's Personal Spiritual Growth

What Do I Get When I Buy Now?

This package includes six live seminars with Dr. Ken covering tools to Change Your Life!!

  • Module 1 Stop Stress Now

  • What is the best way to leverage commitment to achieve your goals??

  • What is the role of commitment to my personal growth?

  • What are some easy ways to begin to manage stress??

  • What are My Personal Goals for Stress Management?

  • What are 10 ways stress management can improve my life?

  • Module 2 Meditation, My Favorite Tool

  • Is meditation supported by research?

  • What is the impact of meditation on my mind and heart?

  • What is the meditation time myth?

  • What are the three tools to solve my meditation challenges?

  • How can I use meditation to change my life?

  • Module 3 Building a Practice

  • Learn the simple steps to building a consistent habit.

  • Now that I learned these tools, how do I use them?

  • How do I make these tools regular and consistent?

  • What are three things to skyrocket my likelihood of success?

  • Module 4 Stress in the Workplace

  • How do I manage stress for workplace success?

  • How do I leverage success at work?

  • What are the two paths to burnout, and how do I prevent it?

  • Module 5 Deepen My Relationships

  • What is the connection between being passive and aggressive?

  • How do I develop my assertiveness?

  • How do I establish clear communication in relationships?

  • Module 5 Advance Emotional Balance

  • What are the five core emotions?

  • How can I find balance in my core emotions?

  • What is the easiest way to regain my emotional balance?

  • Together this package is worth over $1,000

Course Description

  • The Stress and Anxiety Relief Plan  is a six module introduction to emotional management. This training walks step by step through stress management, research, how to build plans for sucess, and applications to common situations such as workplace stress, relationships,  and emotional balance.  

In this course you will find a range of tools to jumpstart your stress management program and help to stabilize it to grow the strongest benefits. It includes: 

  • A self-assessment to help identify goals for your stress management plan. 
  • Overview of stress management benefits using scholarly research review of benefits for the body, mind, and emotions.
  • A range of awareness exercises and supportive tools such as breathing and progressive muscle relaxation 
  • The six steps of developing a stable practice
  • Remember the two words you need to know to help if you get stuck in your practice
  • And much more.

If you have been thinking about finding freedom from stress, this program can help set you on the path!

Awesome Bonuses Included!

I want you to be successful so have added the following:

  • 1:1 call with Dr. Ken to review your personal goals and help you design your practice in a way that is most effective for your success.

  • Free copy of the international bestsellers, Manage My Emotions and Manage My Meditation, to guide you through a range of tools to gain support.

  • Free access to the Manage My Emotions Toolbox with guided meditations, as well as other tools such as Manage My Emotions Checklist, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and more.

  • Free access to the Manage My Meditation Blueprint Training, an interactive experience to learn the steps to meditation

  • Together these bonuses are valued at over $1,495

About the Author

Dr. Martz is a licensed psychologist who has been studying, practicing, and teaching meditation tools for over 25 years.  He is the author of the international bestseller Manage My Emotions: What I Wish I'd Learned in School about Anger, Fear, and Love. 

As Seen On:

I can see the possibilities...

Option 1

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Risk Free Guarantee

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    By getting started now, you receive lifetime access to this Stress Relief Plan, along with any updates to the training.


You have options out there. Life is stressful. This program has been designed to make it easy to progress step by step as you move from stress to ease, from anxiety to relief and from struggle to success. I know you can do it since it has worked for me and thousands of others. Stop struggling and make the change now.


  • Why is this program so cheap?

    It's true that there are many programs out there charge thousand of dollars to get you started. I don't want money to be the barrier that prevents you from accessing these valuable tools. Program costs are used for infrastructure such as website, training management costs, and related maintenance fees.

  • There are so many meditation programs out there. Why should I choose this one?

    I am a known "book-aholic" I have studied many systems already and have simplified where possible to make it easy, while maintaining fidelity to the key themes and practices of some of the most respected stress management traditions from around the world. You can learn them all too, or simply start here.

  • What if I can't attend the Live Sessions?

    It is best to attend the sessions live when possible. It allows you to ask questions and focus the discussion in areas most helpful to you. However, the meetings will be recorded so that you can review them later.

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