Tools Included

It can be hard to learn meditation through a written book. These tools supplement the detailed steps in the book to make it easy.

  • Eight recordings of guided meditations with various lengths and topics as you progress.

  • One page handouts you can print with simplified instructions for the tool.

  • Four supplemental downloads to address myths, quick start, and more.

  • Advance access to additional meditations.

  • New material created after publication of the Manage My Emotions Text

  • Industry Value of $59.99

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this Course

    • How to Use the This Course

    • Just in Case: Your copy of Manage My Meditation

  • 2

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation Materials

    • Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • Manage My Meditation Progressive Muscle Relaxation Handout

    • Reflection: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • 3

    Guided Concentration Exercise

    • Guided Concentration Exercise

    • Reflection: Guided Concentration Exercise

  • 4

    Guided Mantra Meditation

    • Mantra Meditation Exercise

    • Reflection: Mantra Meditation Exercise

  • 5

    Guided Meditation Exercise

    • Guided Meditation Exercise

    • Reflection: Guided Meditation Exercise

  • 6

    Long Guided Meditation Exercise

    • Long Guided Meditation Exercise

    • Reflection: Long Guided Meditation Exercise

  • 7


    • Meditation Myths Busted

    • Manage My Meditation Progression Checklist

    • Manage My Meditation Cheat Sheet

    • Manage My Meditation Research Summary

    • Guided Concentration Exercise

    • Guided Mantra Meditation

    • Guided Meditation Exercise

    • Long Guided Meditation

    • Unguided Meditation

    • Meditation for Sleep

  • 8

    (Bonus) Forthcoming Materials

    • 5 Minute Guided Meditation Gratitude

    • 5 Minute Partial Guided Meditation Gratitude

    • 5 Minute Guided Affirmation Meditation Gratitude

    • Bonus Download: Manage My Emotions Meditations