Course Description

What is included?

  • The Coping Skills Toolbox training is an  18 module introduction to coping skills. This collection offers a range of tools to help with key issues for the mind, mood, body and relationships.
  • Specific topics include breathing, meditation,  stress, life balance, sleep, irrational beliefs, and relationships.
  • The course includes a wide range tools from reading materials, audios, videos, exercises, workbooks and more, since often people learn better from different methods. 
  • It includes several done-for-you just-press-play tools. 
  • Relationship tools include a range of topics on communication and conflict management. 
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this Course

    • How to Use the This Course

  • 2

    Abdominal Breathing

    • Abdominal Breathing

  • 3

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation Materials

    • Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • Manage My Meditation Progressive Muscle Relaxation Handout

    • Reflection: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • 4

    Introduction To Meditation

    • Your copy of Manage My Meditation (See also the Meditation toolbox for a complete set of meditation tools)

    • Guided Concentration Exercise (Audio)

    • Long Guided Meditation (Audio)

    • Unguided Meditation (Audio)

    • Introduction to Meditation Video

    • Reflection: Guided Concentration Exercise

    • Introduction to Meditation Cheat Sheet

  • 5

    Changing Emotional Directions

    • Changing Emotional Directions Workbook

  • 6

    Anxiety and Stress Management

    • Anxiety and Stress Management Video

  • 7

    Emotional Awareness Tools

    • The Emotional Circle

    • Large Feelings Wheel

    • Manage My Emotions Parents Guide

    • Feelings Wheel for Daily Use

  • 8

    Fun Activities to Remember to Smile

    • Fearless Fun Workbook

  • 9

    Life Balance Wheel

    • Life Balance Wheel

  • 10

    Relationship and Communication Tools

    • 5 Love Languages Quiz

    • Love Languages Ideas

    • Sample Communication Statements

    • Cultivating Connection: 5 Love Languages Worksheet

    • Cultivating Connection: Risks of Conflict Self-Assessment Cheatsheet

    • Cultivating Connection: Areas of Conflict Cheatsheet

    • Cultivating Connection: Partnership Planning Cheatsheet

    • Cultivating Connection: Conflict Resolution Cheatsheet

    • Cultivating Connection: Agreements Cheatsheet

    • Cultivating Connection: Conversation Questions to Boost Communication Cheatsheet

    • Cultivating Connection: Activities to Boost Communication Cheatsheet

    • Communication Workbook

  • 11

    Sleep support

    • Basic Sleep Tips

    • Breathing for Sleep

  • 12

    Changing Irrational Beliefs

    • Recognizing and Changing My Thoughts

  • 13

    Find Freedom though Forgiveness of Ourselves and Others

    • TFL Guide to Forgiveness

    • Releasing our Past

  • 14

    Letting Go

    • Letting Go Workbook

  • 15

    Stress Management and Brain Hacks

    • Stress/Symptoms Diary

    • Simple and Effective Nervous System Hacks

    • Videos of Nervous System Hacks for Stress

  • 16

    Life Review Exercise

    • The Life Review Exercise

  • 17

    Gambling Disorder

    • The Emotional Roller Coaster: Family Engagement

    • Treating Gambling Disorder

    • Gambling Recovery Workbook

    • Reference PG_Finances_Manual

  • 18

    Yoga: Move your Body Change Your Mood

    • Yoga for Anxiety, Depression, and Lethargy (Kundalini Style)

    • Intermediate Yoga (Hatha style)

    • Basic Yoga (Hatha Style)

    • Holotropic Breathing

    • Wim Hoff Breathing Exercise

  • 19

    Self Confidence Mastery

    • Self Confidence Mastery

    • Self Confidence Mastery Checklist

    • Self Confidence Mastery Resource Cheat Sheet

  • 20

    Transform Imposter Syndrome

    • Transform Imposter Syndrome

    • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Checklist

    • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Resource Cheat Sheet

  • 21

    Living a Purpose Driven Life

    • Living a Purpose Driven Life

    • Living a Purpose Driven Life Checklist

    • Living a Purpose Driven Life Resource Cheat Sheet

  • 22

    Book Recommendations

    • Book Ideas

  • 23

    Other Materials

    • 5 Minute Guided Meditation Gratitude

    • 5 Minute Partial Guided Meditation Gratitude

    • 5 Minute Guided Affirmation Meditation Gratitude

    • Emotions Visualizations/Meditations

What the Experts Say


Dr. Blythe Cleverly

I am honored to call Dr. Kenneth Martz a trusted colleague and friend. Beyond the professional accolades, it is his personal warmth and honest enthusiasm for giving hope to those who suffer, that is truly inspiring to me. The world needs more qualified and caring practitioners like him!

Exceed Expectations

Dr. Sandra Rasmussen

Thank you, Dr. Martz. Your compassion, care, and competence exceed expectations.


Joel Elston

Dr, Martz does an outstanding job of offering solutions to manage our emotions, and prevent them from sabotaging our life goals. His 30 years of experience in the field of mental health and addictions allows for insight and perspective that few can give.

What They Are Saying


He is an amazing therapist, highly recommend.


He has been understanding and completely non-judgmental and helpful in my journey to find myself


Dr. Ken’s excitement and enthusiasm radiates through the technology. I genuinely feel Dr. Ken is passionate about his work.


Dr. Ken is professional and respectful. He has a wealth of experience and truly cares about what he's doing. I've enjoyed the time shared while growing as a human being.

About the Author

Dr. Martz is a licensed psychologist who has been studying, practicing, and teaching meditation tools for over 30 years.  He is the author of the international bestseller Manage My Emotions: What I Wish I'd Learned in School about Anger, Fear, and Love. and Counselor: Blossoming from Good to Great

As Seen On:

Awesome Bonuses Included!

I want you to be successful so have added the following:

  • 1:1 call with Dr. Ken to review your goals and help you design your practice in a way that is most effective for your success.

  • Free copy of the international bestseller, Manage My Meditation, to guide you through a range of action steps to gain support.

  • Free access to the Manage My Meditation Toolbox with more guided meditations, as well as other tools such as Meditation Myths Busted, Manage My Meditation Progression Checklist, Manage My Meditation Cheat Sheet and more.

The positive reviews go on and on.

Find out why Dr. Martz has six international bestsellers.

These tools are intended to give you the tools you need to change your life. You can be the next person to discover all that this new life of freedom and clarity has to offer.

Today is Different...

Today, I am still known as "the guy who gets things done"... but with one important difference.

It is rumored that I don't ever sleep, since I get so much accomplished. I assure you I do sleep. However, my regular use of emotional management tools like these  helps me to work with ease, rather than stress, so I can be more productive and efficient, without the drag of conflict and anxiety. 

I have used  these tools personally, as well as with thousands of individuals throughout my career. 

Today is different.  Don't struggle alone.  Use the tools that are laid out for your success.

If just one of these tools could bring more peace and freedom into your life, that would be priceless.  This toolbox contains dozens, so you can progress faster.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an "easy button"?

That is why I created this program. When we are stressed, we don't have time to do a lot of research and study. I did it all for you.

This program can help to:

* Clarify simple steps for change

* Offer the tools for lasting transformation

* Offer quick start tools to be successful right away

* Have a guide through the path step by step

* Press-and-play guided meditations with progressive elements to build on your quick successes

* Free access to additional tools as the program grows

* For a limited time, includes a free consultation with Dr. Ken


Today is the day you decide to change your life! Let the Coping Skills Toolbox get you on your way now. Just $375 today.