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Welcome.  Be sure to check out this video for some background on this course.  You can adjust the volume and size of the video as needed. 

Course Curriculum

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    Beginner's Meditation Blueprint Package

    • Beginner's Meditation Blueprint Training

    • Brief Guided Awareness Meditation

    • Guided Awareness Meditation

    • Affirmations Meditation

    • Brief Meditation Blueprint Quickstart Overview

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Course Description

  • The Beginner's Meditation Blueprint training is a five module introduction to meditation. This blueprint walks step by step through motivation, research on meditation, how to meditate, establishing a regular meditation practice, and solving frequently asked questions. 
  • The brief awareness meditation is a 5 minute guided meditation.  This is a done-for-you just-press-play tool. 
  • The guided awareness meditation is approximately 8 minutes long, perfect as you progress in your meditation practice. 
  • The affirmations meditation is a tool to use as your meditation, or can be played in the background as you do other activities. 
  • The Quickstart Overview is a downloadable 1-page guide to the key steps of meditation. 
  • For a limited time, deepen your practice by joining our Facebook discussion group and scheduling your 1:1 session with Dr. Ken

In this course you will find a range of tools to jumpstart your meditation practice and help to stabilize it to grow the strongest benefits. It includes: 

  • A self-assessment to help identify goals for your meditation practice. 
  • Overview of meditation benefits using scholarly research review of benefits for the body, mind, emotions, and applications such as work and relationships. 
  • A range of awareness exercises and supportive tools such as breathing and progressive muscle relaxation 
  • Learn how to do it with the five elements of a mediation practice
  • The six themes of success
  • The six steps of developing a stable practice
  • Remember the two words you need to know to help if you get stuck in your practice
  • And much more.

Whether you have been thinking about meditation or have tried it and it "didn't work for you", this program can help set you on the path!

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About the Author

Dr. Martz is a licensed psychologist who has been studying, practicing, and teaching meditation tools for over 20 years.  He is the author of the international bestseller Manage My Emotions: What I Wish I'd Learned in School about Anger, Fear, and Love. 

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What They Are Saying

I've noticed improvements in my life by starting your program.  

My set point is calmer.  I'm less provoked. And I am more aware of my emotions and the situations around me that are affecting my emotions.  Those are observable, positive benefits that I'm really liking.


What changes have you noticed as a result of participation in this training?

Calmer. I'm aware that there is a window to think before I react with most situations. Kinder.

I was able to relax just by concentrating on my breathing.

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